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By: Mike Yeager
Dunlop motorcycle tires have been long known for their high quality and reliability. Worldwide, motorcyclists of all skill levels depend on Dunlop motorcycle tires. In fact, Dunlop tires are used by more motorcyclists than any other brand. This is largely because of Dunlop tire?s devotion to excellence. In order to learn how successful the company is today, it is necessary to look at the company?s history. In 1888, John Boyd Dunlop invented the first practical pneumatic tire. In doing so, he created a whole new industry. Using innovative technology, Dunlop introduced the first use of Kevlar belts in motorcycle tires and produced the first original-equipment radial street tire. Dunlop tire also continues to lead the industry with new ideas, like the 20-inch front tire for off-road use. Dunlop leads the motorcycle tire industry in its continuing research to improve the motorcycle tire. Also, Dunlop is still the only company to make motorcycle tires in the United States.

It is important to take care of your Dunlop motorcycle tire. Be sure to properly maintain it by storing it properly and maintain suspension settings in exact compliance with the vehicle owner's manual. If your motorcycle tires are improperly maintained, it could lead to flats, low tire pressure, or other potentially dangerous situations. If you don't have any experience maintaining your motorcycle tire, be sure to take your motorcycles in to the motorcycle dealer for regular maintenance checks.

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